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The History of Quality – from an eye for an eye, through love and towards a multidimensional concept for patients, kin and professionals. Vanhaecht, K., De Ridder, D., Seys, D., Brouwers, J., Claessens, F., Van Wilder, A., Batalden, P., Panella, M. and Lachman, P. (2021) European Urology Focus. DOI:

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A decade of commitment to hospital quality of care: overview of and perceptions on multicomponent quality improvement policies involving accreditation, public reporting, inspection and pay-for-performance. Van Wilder A, Brouwers J, Cox B, Bruyneel L, Claessens F, De Ridder D, Eekloo K and Vanhaecht K. BMC Health Serv Res 21, 990 (2021).